Sunday, February 15, 2015

A Midsummer Night's Cupcake-Dream

During my exchange semester in Catalonia, Spain, I literally got a great taste of the world. I lived with three amazing Spanish medicine students who taught me that eating lunch at 12h and dinner at 19h was pure madness, and that oil and garlic were the solution to ANY dish. Living in a different country broadens your horizon, but living with locals and going on a journey through their daily lives truly opens your mind. It is an experience I wouldn't want to miss and which I'd go back to in a heartbeat.
During my time as an exchange student I became friends with two great girls, who were in the same situation as me and were curious about the country which we were lucky enough to explore. So one sunny day in March we took the bus to go see the beaches and the city of Sant Feliu - a neighboring city of Girona, which was our "home town". Seeing the sea sparkle in the sun and feeling the heat through the bus windows made us want to drop our bags in the sand and jump right into the water, when we arrived. However, when we got off the bus, a pretty fresh breeze welcomed us, accompanied with a lot of cold air. Therefore we decided to walk around the city before stopping for some coffee. During our walk along the beach, we suddenly noticed a food market which offered beautiful cakes, muffins, cookies and cupcakes. They all looked so beautiful that they easily could have been served at a wedding reception. All of them were about 2€ - 3€ a piece, so my friend and I decided to get one each. They were sold by two twenty year old sisters who apparently had baked them themselves. After we ordered one of them carefully took our two cupcakes from the thoughtfully arranged tray and placed them into a small white box. It was just big enough for our two guilty pleasures, which were dedicated to stay on our hips forever. We payed and took them with us to a little café with sea view. What you see on the pictures are the cupcakes, me unwrapping them and biting into a piece of heaven. :)

It wasn't the cupcakes who made us have a great day in Sant Feliu, but they certainly didn't hurt ;)

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